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When a Caucasian girl or girls between the ages of 11 and 19 wearing flips flops, softee shorts, and a top that reveals a lot of cleavage, walk the streets by themselves or with friends during all hours of the days and night in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. These girls have a knack for being street smart and will punch you in the face if you stop and try and mack it to them. Plus they usually smoke cigarettes and are in favor of rap music and African American men. Known for abusing drugs over other friends houses, getting drunk, and mooching off of others for food and free rides in exchange for sexual favors.
I was driving down Chester Pike (Rt 13) in Norwood and seen that Flip Flop Delco Cock Bitch walking with her friends. I don't want any of that. She would have the biggest attitude and would probably steal all my money when I am not looking.
by The Jax August 05, 2009