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The most terrible place in the known universe. It is a dark place, a depressing place, and the maintainers that work there are in a permanent state of dismay and suffering. It is prowled by QA Inspectors who have long since gone feral, and have developed a taste for Crew Chiefs and other maintenance personnel caught without reflective belts after the floodlights have turned on, despite the sun still shining. Expediters and Pro Supers also number amongst the flightline's known predators, their terrible calls and screams making every maintainer shudder and wish they were already dead. The only bright spot amongst this hellhole is a shining hope of being able to cross-train... but alas, she is an elusive beast, and nigh on impossible to catch.
"Where is SSgt Jones?"
"He's on the flightline, working that flier."
"... God help his soul."
by Omnicyde June 30, 2013
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