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A third cockpit crew member who has to babysit pilots in planes that do not carry enough automation to allow them to read the newspaper during the entire route of flight.
A simple way to know whether a particular duty is the responsibility of the pilots or the flight engineer is to ask whether it is fun or causes one to receive glory or recognition. If the answer is 'no', then it's the flight engineer's job.
by Yackoff Smearnoff October 10, 2003
Shut the fuck up you stupid idiot "babysit pilots" "do not carry enough automation" "read the newspaper during the entire route of flight."

What the fuck are you fucking talking about?! before you start a fucking rant on somthing you know jack shit about maybe you should do a little research on your topic. Automation sucks and can lead to inadvertant mistakes. Oh and by the way the process of flying while in the cruise stage of flight is not simple you jackass
The flight engineer is as much a part of the cockpit crew as the pilot in command and the first officer. He/she is a valuble member of the crew and participates activley in crew resource managment...
by Mr Covasi October 15, 2004
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