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A term introduced into Britain in the late 90's by comedy character 'Pauline' from the BBC's League of Gentleman.

The term was used in a meeting in Series 2 with Ross, the Job Centre investigator who sacked Pauline for gross incompetance.

The term litterally means to masturbate along to (the then ITV's) Trisha. (If you don't know what 'Trisha' is, it is a trashy morning 'programme' presented by Trisha Goddard, which has a cast of sub-working class council estate pikeys with nothing better to do than publicaly display how pikey they actually are by usually having a DNA test for some kiddy where there's a possibility of at least 3 fathers, one of which is usually a relative or a friends partener.)
Well, as you sit here with these retards, I'll be at home, flicking off to Trisha.
by Master of Definitions April 02, 2006
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