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To stick both hands in the hooha
I was with these 2 chicks, and I got me some flesh mittens, if ya know what I mean!
by WooftyOne April 28, 2005
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A vagina, usually used when conditions outside are freezing, you put the vagina over the penis to warm it up
Danielle, if you want rides every morning because your car cant handle snow, your gonna have to put a flesh mitten on my penis in return.
by Matthew Gordon October 01, 2007
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Step 1: find a chick with ass-gape like you read about
Step 2: get elbow deep in that shit
Step 3: Bang her from behind
Step 4: Jerk yourself off with your flesh mitt.
After I successfully performed the flesh mitten on this chick I called every member of my family to tell them how fucking sweet time I am.
by The Stink Finger January 16, 2011
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