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A Flefasaurus Rex Is A Preistoric Animal That Lived Over 70 Million Years Ago! Unfortunatley They Were Hunted To Extinction By It's Main Predator, The Worm!

Unfortunatley, Due To The Flefasaurus Rex's Small Size, Inability To Run, Lack Of Muscular Strength, Inability To Fly, Unable To Defend Itself And Just Being Downright Retarded! The Flefasaurus Rex Was Hunted And Killed By An Animal That Was At The Bottom Of The Food Chain.
1) "Jerry, quick! Over here, I found something!"

"What is it Dave? This better be good!"

"I think I found a fossil"

"Whoah! that's a Flefasaurus Rex! The rarest creature of all!"

2) You're such a Flefasaurus Rex! (Meaning, stupid or retarded)
by SuperMike455 March 16, 2012
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