A small somewhat urbanized community, about 5 minutes southeast of Ellwood City, PA.

Known to once be a suburb of the aforementioned bustling steel town of Ellwood, led by Colonel Brian, they tried to secede from the Ellwood City - Fleeson's Ellport unity pact, established in 1856. However resident's of Ellwood put down this revolt, and now in present-day, the communities have forgotten about it, and live peacefully with each other.
"Hey let's go to Fleeson's Ellport and catch the little league game, my son's playing."

"...where at?..."

"They're at the pit, ya'know the community park where the baseball games are played."

"Oh, right, the pit, i remember when it was just called the park!"

by MegadethFan123980 June 27, 2008

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