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an essential part of your daily nutrient intake, contains 1 essential nutrient (caffeine); just add milk
Try Kellogg's Fleabix Flakes - THEY'RE GREEAAAAT!
by k April 10, 2003

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A small, cute fluffy imaginary creature that is only capable of making monosyllabic sounds.
My fleabix just ran away.
by Anonymous April 10, 2003
a large, round object, naturally yellow, but occasionally pink in color; fuzzy; often confused with a gimp or a nerd; goes great with soups
That was one goooooooood Fleabix!
by Clone April 10, 2003
A big sweetie 'n cutie marshmallow-y creature that preys on poor innocent, darling lithees!!!
Hey, watch out for that fleabix, kthx.
by lithee April 10, 2003
The closest one can be to a state of being a round yellow circle with a happy smile.
All your Fleabix are belong to us.
by Poonk April 10, 2003
A mystic, cute, itsy, bitsy, little fly that hovers in space.
Mentioned only in fairy-tales.
It's weapon of defense is cuteness: nobody will have the heart to swat it once he/she lays eyes on it.
Snow White and the 7 Dwarves.
Fleabix is the flea that always hovers around Sleepy.
by poonkGirl March 31, 2006
Pood's love toy
Pood played with fleabix today
by pood April 10, 2003