The art of sucking a fart out of the anus of a partner/victim.
Derived from the latin words 'felatio' and 'flatulation'.
Price: Come here Tashie, I want a bit of flatulatio and I like the feel of your hairy back and tash on me Johnny Bravo.
Tashie: Yes Mr.President. Right away.
Yours Sincerly,
C. Price
by N. Bradley December 26, 2007
Top Definition
The act of a male passing gas while receiving oral sex from a partner.

Typically a very embarrassing thing which ends "the mood" instantaneously, though some are the inverse and are actually aroused by the act.
Bob: "So how'd it go last night?"

Joe: "It went well, until the flatulatio incident. Guess we shouldn't have gone to Taco Bell for the first date."

Bob: "What'd she do? Freak out?"

Joe: "No, that was the worst part. She asked if I could do it again."

Bob: "Someone who likes flatulatio.. I'm not sure if you should run for the hills or jump on that."
by TaciturnBadger June 30, 2011
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