like a sack tap for girls. boys hit each others balls, girls hit each others flaps.
"carla was pissing me off, so i gave her a flap tap"
by johngerr8 September 06, 2009
Top Definition
When a Male or Female, Particularly a Female, Decides to tap a Females "flap".
Meaning to stroke and rub the entry of a womans vagina, including the surrounding "flaps".
Nicole: Did you remember what I did last night?
Rhiannon: Yeah, You tapped my flap HARD!
Nicole: Yeah, i enjoyed the Flap Tap Although, you need more experience and a trim.
by flap-tapper101 January 25, 2009
female teabagging
"she flaptap'd the shit out of him"
"Go on Flaptap him"
by Smims February 17, 2012
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