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A Female 'WANKER', a woman who masturbates far to much, Or is just really annoying and irritating!!!!
"My boss is a right Flap Slapper!!"
by Skinuss May 15, 2008
13 5
Reverse of a ball breaker. When a man gains revenge on the 'ball breaking' of his wife by giving her a hard time.
Geez, my husband is such a flap slapper.
by Stuey_Boy July 11, 2011
3 3
the female version of wanker
damn stacies a flap slapper
by borat_is November 23, 2008
2 2
A female who in an effort to encourage further vigorous copulation slaps her own genitals as if beating a war drum. Rhythm is usually comparable to the Christmas Carol “ The Little Drummer Boy” with encouraging words in place of the lyrics and vigourous slapping of the hand on the genitals in place of the “Parumpa pum pum” sections.
Dude, Maria is such a Flap Slapper. I can't get enough of her.
by Peto G May 17, 2011
0 2