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A Flap Lacker is someone who performs the art of Flap Lacking.Flap lacking originated in England in the middle ages,when King Henry The 8th smoked too much 'cabbage of the mountain' and mistook one of his Exotic Dancers for a life size porcelain bong statues.

Terrified the dancer did nothing,while The King proceeded to 'take a hit' from her ass.

Flap Lacking
Lips are placed over the rectal orifice while the right hand is placed over the sausage wallet and is gently released and applied as a 'clutch' from a bong..enjoy ensuing head rush..
That guys breath smells horrible like he was Flap Lacking or something

Guy: did u fart? Other Guy: no I was Flap Lacking your mom last night

The Dirty Sanchez has nothing on Flap Lacking

Guy:Being a Flap Lacker is a bizarre fetish don't you think?

Girl: What's that?
Guy: Check urban dictionary..ha ha
by Markael Bishnard December 12, 2011
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