When a particular person, probably a girl, is being completely out of line, two brave and mature young men shall sit on both sides of said probably girl, and they will both fart on the evildoer simultaneously, thereby punishing the person for whatever wrong they did.
Rachel was being very, very rude to everyone around, and had been previously warned that she was "fixin' to get Flanked", and after continuing to misbehave Kory and Shane decided to punish her with a Flanking.
by Metrobeaver April 19, 2010
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When you get to work before someone and leave after them.
The only good thing about being on call for 36 hours is that I'm flanking the SHIT out of everyone.
by jbaby2002 August 02, 2011
The maneuver OAP's pull at bus stops in order to get to the front of the queue. Normally involves large groups of them mobbing their way into the side of orderly queues.
"Hold you position, we're about to get flanked!"

"We're in for a flanking!"

by Heliumpanda September 20, 2011
Kinda like tittyfucking, but with ass cheeks.
Hannah's ass cheeks are calloused from the dozens of men she's been flanking with.
by chepatitis February 17, 2009
Following around. Surrounding. Constantly texting you. Drooling when they see you.
Who are all those people?

Idk. Bitches be flanking!
by Hashtagnumbaone September 01, 2014
The process of sitting in the seats right next to people in prime seating in a movie theater in an effort to make them uncomfortable and encourage them to move so that you can steal their seats.
Those two have my favorite movie seats! Let's try flanking them. You take the seat on their left and I'll take the right. The incursion into their personal space will get them to move.
by jugrock January 14, 2013
Pushing a planker, as in someone who lies with a straight body like a plank, over, or off whatever they're planking on.
I just saw some guys planking, I totally just did some flanking
by Red_token June 18, 2011
A maneuver where U t0uch a girls Tits then move Ur hands 0n them like Ur using a wrench
Van Wilder Freshman Year/ Flanking
by Slim Ferno May 26, 2011

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