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The ultimate tattoo. The flaming skull snake combo utilises everything that makes a good tattoo:

Usually placed on the upper arms for burly men, like Bikers, or Pirates. The general layout of the tattoo consist of a skull on fire with a snake going through the mouth and one or two of the eye sockets. Crossbones beneath the skull are optional but they help.
Dude 1: Holy shit man, that bad-ass pirate has a flaming skull snake combo, I won't fuck with him!
Dude 2: I'd rather eat my own balls that mess with that dude.


Dude 1: Hey I gots me a tattoo, it's tribal!
Dude 2: Man, you're a pansy, the only tattoo worth getting is a Flaming Skull Snake combo.
by ZammK August 27, 2006

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