A person guilty of excessive patriotism without logical basis or self-examination. See: wordJingoism.
That flagget has two flag decals on his car, but he hasn't voted in 15 years.
by Tony August 23, 2003
Top Definition
A person in marching band who is a part of the colorguard (flag people)
Look at that flagget down there with his shiny shirt, pullin a blue flag from his crotch and waving it around, pretending he's not gay!
by Kate-onamore September 20, 2008
A Georgia redneck who wants to keep the confederate battle emblem on the state flag.
"Today the flaggets marched on capitol hill to demand the return of their heritage even though the flag with the battle emblem was introduced in 1956 so could not be a part of their true heritage, but only a part of their racist heritage."
by Geoff April 29, 2003
a person in the flag corps that wears shiny outfits and very red lipstick
chelsey is such a flagget
by rachelthabandgeek September 25, 2005
a cheerleader flaggy
Call in the flaggets!
by bread infection October 09, 2005

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