An "offer" introduced in the preceding months by those fools at Subway, a US submarine sanswich franchise.To be quite honest, this is one of the most insipid names for a deal that any marketing department has ever created. I'm sorry, but what the fucking hell is this shit? A five-dollar footlong? Are you motherfucking kiding me? Any fifth-grader can realize that "five-dollar footlong" sounds like an offer to take a pecker for five dollars. What the hell is this shit? A five-dollar footlong? Are you going to ask me if I want some mayonaise on that shit? Old bitch-ass motherfuckers. This is just destined to create misunderstanding, as follows:
Anonymous Agent #1: Hey man, I'm hungry as a motherfucker. You wanna get something to eat?
Anonymous Agent #2: You could go to Subway and get a five-dollar footlong.
Anonymous Agent #1: What are you saying about me, son? You saying I like dick?
Anonymous Agent #2: (Confused) What? Nah, man, I'm just saying that Subway has a 12" sandwich for only $5.
Anonymous Agent #1: Fuck you, man. I don't take no shit. (pulls a nine)
Anonymous Agent #2: What the fuck, man?! Why you pullin' the gat?
Anonymous Agent #1: And this is for that "double-whopper" jive you were pulling of me last week, you punk bitch. (Shoots Anonymous Agent #2)
Anonymous Agent #2: (Crying) What the fuck, man? I was just trying to help, son...
Anonymous Agent #1: That's right, cry like the little bitch that you are...
Anonymous Agent #2: WHY SUBWAY?! WHY...?!

Conclusion: Subway ruins lives.

Thank you for your time.
by MuigiKalash January 29, 2009
Top Definition
subway's limited offer of a five dollar footlong!
im going to subway to get a five dollar footlong
by Josh Simpson of Illinois April 17, 2008
A cheap and delicious sub from Subway. Jared eats it and so should you.
Five dollar...
Five dollar foot long!
by Gamer_2k4 January 21, 2009
when you go into a subway take a shit dont flush and leave
person1: dude wanna go to subway

person2: no man lets just chill at my place

person1: well i gatta do a five dollar foot long but you moms in the shower
by dr.fuzz March 29, 2010
the kind of deals man whores make
You: I got a five dollar footlong last night
Me: *gasp* you naughty girl/ boy
by RACHELLLLLLLLLL July 12, 2008
The new deal on sandwiches at Subway, or a really bad pornographic movie.
I bought a 12" sub for 5 dollars, and ate it while I masturbated to "Five Dollar Foot Long."
by Eck XC 69 September 17, 2008
Slang for the dump you have to take after eating at Subway.
Jareds in the bathroom, we ate at subway and he as to deposit a five-dollar footlong
by Froggler August 02, 2010
1) Subway's deal, getting a footlong sandwich for $5
2) Its in my pants. Nuff Said.
LAUREN CONRAD: OMG this Five Dollar Footlong is so delicious and juicy
AUDRINA PARTRIGE: And big enough for us to share!
by Five $Dollar$ Footlong February 28, 2009
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