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subway's limited offer of a five dollar footlong!
im going to subway to get a five dollar footlong
by Josh Simpson of Illinois April 17, 2008
46 7
A cheap and delicious sub from Subway. Jared eats it and so should you.
Five dollar...
Five dollar foot long!
by Gamer_2k4 January 21, 2009
42 9
when you go into a subway take a shit dont flush and leave
person1: dude wanna go to subway

person2: no man lets just chill at my place

person1: well i gatta do a five dollar foot long but you moms in the shower
by dr.fuzz March 29, 2010
11 1
the kind of deals man whores make
You: I got a five dollar footlong last night
Me: *gasp* you naughty girl/ boy
by RACHELLLLLLLLLL July 12, 2008
14 6
The new deal on sandwiches at Subway, or a really bad pornographic movie.
I bought a 12" sub for 5 dollars, and ate it while I masturbated to "Five Dollar Foot Long."
by Eck XC 69 September 17, 2008
15 9
Slang for the dump you have to take after eating at Subway.
Jareds in the bathroom, we ate at subway and he as to deposit a five-dollar footlong
by Froggler August 02, 2010
8 5
1) Subway's deal, getting a footlong sandwich for $5
2) Its in my pants. Nuff Said.
LAUREN CONRAD: OMG this Five Dollar Footlong is so delicious and juicy
AUDRINA PARTRIGE: And big enough for us to share!
by Five $Dollar$ Footlong February 28, 2009
10 7