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Find 'em , Follow 'em, Finger 'em, Fuck 'em, Forget 'em
John introduced the concept of the Five Fs to a smiling Mary during their speed date: "You don't know about the Five Fs? It's a maxim I've always tried to live by."
by Bobalong June 21, 2007
The five stages in a successful relationship with a woman. They are: Find her. Feed her. Feel her. Fuck her. And forget her.
Marmaduke met Chloe. This was a standard five f's scenario.
by Sinner Bob July 31, 2006
A man's take on 'dating' women...

1. Find em
2. Feel em
3. Finger em
4. Fuck em
5. Forget em
Man 1: Hey do you know the Five F's?
Man 2: Hell yeah...who doesn't?
Man 3: I don't...
Man 1 and 2: huh???!!!
by Bingo69 April 26, 2009
the five Fs people do: french feel finger fuck
he wanted to d othe five Fs with me but i said no
by lalalalalalalalalalala May 09, 2004