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Five 0's a slang turm to describe the cops. maybe came from the police show hawawi 5-0
keep It moving the five 0's are up the street
by NLR718 June 03, 2006
18 15
The po po, the fuzz, the cops.
From the TV show Hawaii Five-0.
"Cheese it, Five-0"
by LeRoy January 12, 2004
56 9
A police officer. Originally came form the T.V. series Hawaii Five 0.
The Five 0's right there you better slow down so you won't get a ticket.
by M1tch January 15, 2006
45 12
Slang for an officer of the law. Usually when you are doing something illegal.

Avoid five 0's at all costs.

Originated from the show Hawaii Five 0

Shit its the five 0 run!1!111

I got caught by the five 0
by gbrd December 17, 2007
25 5
a cop
heads up, five 0= watch out, a cop
by anonymous March 19, 2003
28 12
When the cops roll around
five -0! runnn
by K Schizzle February 10, 2003
11 8