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The variety of strong stimuli presented in settings such as: sick parties, the presence of hot sluts and/or excess alcohol and legal/illegal narcotics. Where a bro/ a group of bros feel the need to compulsively thrust their fists outward whilst flexing in-between repetitions. This action may be done with both arms (from the chest outward) or with just one arm (jersey shore-esque). The stimuli of fist-pumpable material can be presented in a setting as simple as a sweet website, or in a setting as radical as a rager.
Bro #1 – Yo Broski, the Brofessor showed me this website called the – found some extremely fist-pumpable material dood.
Bro #2 – I’ll check it out man.

Bro #1 – Brochacho what happened at that rager Emily took you to?
Bro #2 – Bro, Broski passed out at 8PM. Brotein Shake smashed two windows. Brotato Chip did the Carlton and won a dance-off. LMFABRO and Brochill fought – but then Brohan got involved and got them to shotgun two tallboys of fourloko in order to restore the peace. The Brofessor had four bitties in his room at once, then Broba Fett decided to rap about it and got laid as a result. Brosicle recklessly funneled a 26 while receiving head. Bromosapien went to the party with his girlfriend and ended up swinging with her and the ratchets. Brocean invited his Bass Pro Shop hockey bros to the party and dominated at flipcup and beerpong, but then Han Brolo was caught f*cking this hot slut in this other hot sluts room by the dons! Abroham Lincoln jumped in and got all political on their asses – thankfully Bromazing interrupted and offered a triple-shot of tequila and a sweet bong rip to the Dons as a sign of their pardon and regret for Han Brolo’s behaviour. The dons were iffy until Brorannasaurus Rex screamed his name and brought Brohemian in back from Ottawa with a bag full of legal narcotics prescribed by Brohemian himself. The Dons and Bros partied in peace. It was an extremely fist-pumpable experience.
by The ultimate bro July 11, 2013
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