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When you can't decide between a fist bump or a high five, you have the fist five. One person offers the five and the other fist bumps.
Or you're too cool for both, so you have a mix!
We got that just right;

person 1: offers high five

person 2: fist bumps

Yeah fist five!
by The Spike of the Spoon September 28, 2012
That awkward moment when you go in for a fist bump but the other guy goes for a high five.
Dude! I wanted a fist bump, not a fist five!
by ShayDWil January 23, 2014
When You go in for a high five but receive a fist bump in the palm of your hand.
(Chris scores goal)

Chris-"POUND IT!"
Then they engage in a Fist-five
by polymax November 15, 2010
When you punch someone in the shoulder and at the same time yell "Fist Five"
"Dude why did you just punch me?"
"i didn't i gave you a fist five"
by wuthebest May 22, 2009
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