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Speaking quickly and without articulation and with great enthusiasm.
Speaking to someone in a language they do not understand- with great enthusiasm.
Enthusiastically speaking without truly communicating anything, oftentimes in reference to a political speech.

After Mitt Romney’s televised speech I couldn’t help but feel that the whole thing had been little more than Fish-Explaining. There had been a lot of enthusiastic buzz-words but little had been actually communicated.

My mother-in-law forgot for the moment that I did not speak any Turkish. After she finished excitedly saying whatever it was she was saying I could only ask her what all her fish-explaining had been about.

The baby was incapable of speaking English but that didn’t stop him from enthusiastically telling anyone who would listen about the fish he was pointing at when visiting the New England Aquarium. I smiled at his gibbering antics- this was true fish-explaining.
by turtle poison April 12, 2012
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