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The act of copulating, using Findus. Ross, or other frozen prepagaged food, whilst listening to Phill and Phil's perfect 10 podcast.
it is not nessessary to utilise the food as sex weapons, in fact, sometimes it can simply serve as a buffet.
"was the sex good?? there were fish fingers and beans everywhere!"

"i was with that rachael from Norwich last night, she laid on a cracking fishfingers and beans"
by mojothreepwood January 23, 2009
1. A meal commonly eaten by children, pikeys and chavs specifically for its balanced combination of Additives, Sugar and Salt

2. The act of moistening ones fingers in ones partners vagina in order to lubriate the anal passage for the extraction of stubborn sweetcorn.
"Love, you wouldnt mind Fish fingers and Beans tonight would you?"
by waxbutterfly January 24, 2009
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