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1. The smell a scrotum picks up after bouncing off a wet, unclean vagina or anus repeatedly during intercourse. (Warning: When the woman is on top the sweat from her butt crack may increase the "fish egg" effect.)

2. The dry, hard, foul smelling crust that forms on a scrotum following vigorous sex with a dirty whore.

3. To abuse ones own testicles in such a manner, either intentionally or otherwise, bruising them until they share the color and smell of caviar.
"Dude... you must have gotten lucky last night. I can smell your fish eggs from here!"

"Holy shit Karen, you gave me some wicked fish eggs! Why don't you try wiping your ass once in awhile?"

"I knew Dave was cheating on me as soon as I caught wind of his fish eggs. I take better care of myself than that."
by SERAPHIM December 12, 2012
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when a girl has a yeast infection during here period
damn bill i was bangin this hoe and it was like fish eggs fool!
by Peter's McPeter May 20, 2006

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