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A semi-nice high school located in Virginia Beach, VA. Much nicer then Cox. The kids at FC are much more down to earth and don't act like assholes. There are definitely not as many rich, stuck up snobs, and less drugs. All together its a pretty chill school, and when you tell people you graduated from there, they wont look down at you (contrary to graduating from cox).
FC student 1- Hey dude, i got with hilary last night

FC student 2- Nice man, good for you

FC student 1- Blah blah blah cox is lamer then first colonial high school

FC student 2- Nah man, its just some of the kids there, don't blame the school, blame the stuck up douches who go there
by 1@n que November 11, 2010
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first colonial is a sucky boring high school that no one can think up a definition for. and they wish they could get away with the shit that cox students get away with. (drugs, being snobby, drugs, sleeping around, drugs, doing whatever the hell they want, drugs). FC kids pretty much suck at life, sorry losers.
student #1: Yeah, I had to take my SAT at first colonial high school
student #2: Ugh, that place is straight up nasty.

student #1: Agreed.
by notusingmyrealname007 March 06, 2010

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