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Amazing gangsta fireworks in disneyland tho
by Mcnutsack September 03, 2013
Firetwerking is the action of placing a firework of any size into your urethra and twerking. It is half dance, half fireworks spectacular, and all American. Firetwerking originated in Aztec culture, where fire dancers would dance with torches held between their thighs. In 2013, dance historians combined this style of fire dancing and twerking to create Firetwerking.
Dave: Did you see Mike at that party the other day?
Gertrude: Nah man, what happened?
Dave: He was Firetwerking everywhere!
Gertrude: Classic Mike!

Stacy: Check out my new Firetwerking video on Vine!
Frank: Wow, I'm surprised your meat curtains didn't catch fire!
by #fireTwerkteamCAP'N June 16, 2013
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