The Fire Pits is an area on Furcadia where a group of unstable sociopaths fight one another for a bigger e-penis. Little do they know that none of them win, in fact losing even more with every retarded, childish insult they can throw at each other.
Man, I tried going to the Fire Pits to get some action, but all I found were twelve year old furres who pretend to be black. I tried to type to them but as soon as my text enters the screen, it's already been flooded out by their constant spamming. I am never going to the Fire Pits again.
by 4chain June 21, 2009
Top Definition
When a male coats his condom with icy hot and then proceeds to have sex with his partner, causing an intense burning feeling inside of the woman's vagina.
Holly Broke up with Matt after he preformed the fire pit on their first date.
by Blazin Bruce June 08, 2009
When a person has red hair, they usualy have red pubic hair. So the penis is covered with orange hair and it looks like a fire pit.
Kyle Nichols has a big huge fire pit that all the girls gag on when they see it.
by Tristan and Andrew December 09, 2005
when someone is born with red hair, when they hit puberty, their pubic hair is sick ass red.
Kyle N is the biggest fire pit ive ever seen, he has sick ass red pubes.
by Josh Gehuttchambault January 07, 2006
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