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"Fire and Fury" is a StarCraft 2 Cutscene on planet Char, that shows the Terran force. A person's dogtag is collected by Jim Raynor him self. On the dogtag it says "M. Koiter". Michel Koiter was a Blizzard artist who died in 2004 from heart failure at the age of 19. He and René Koiter formed Twincruiser, an artist duo for Blizzard Entertainment and the Sons of the Storm. Since then, he has been seen as an Easter Egg in StarCraft 2 campaign and in the MMORPG game World Of Warcraft. We see General Warfield's Medivac land infront of Raynor and the General walking out showing to Raynor he's new robotic arm. He gives Raynor the Xel' Naga Artifact which is believed to be a massive weapon. After that, James Raynor gives an epic speech where he tells that it doesn't matter how different we are, the only thing that matters is that we can count on each other to do the job or die trying if that's what it take. Then he continues saying "Some things are just worth fighting for" (Freedom).
*Fire And Fury Cutscene comments*
When the sun came it didnt just bring light, it brought hope. Somthing they all had lost until that very moment, and having Michel Koiter tributed in the scen shows how much they miss and cared for him.
R.I.P Michel Koiter!

by Pawniac January 09, 2012

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