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When your shit is loose, violent & it burns your asshole
Several hours after a huge, spicy meal at Azteca, John was atop the porcelain throne, moaning in agony, shitting fire snakes.
by Alex P. March 25, 2003
n. The result of consuming too many chilis and/or spicy food(s) causing long skinny poop that burns your sphincter.
Doug I loved your habanero salsa last night but it gave me the worst fire snakes ever this morning!
by sheepski January 08, 2011
When u pis after u jizz and it's one of those times ur dick stings a lil bit
"Ah I got a fire snake that piss didn't feel good"
by Nephson June 13, 2016
also known as a McKenzie.
Maaann, them burritos was hot, not lookin' forward to the McKenzie in the mornin'.
by callin' robster a twat October 08, 2004
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