n. The result of consuming too many chilis and/or spicy food(s) causing long skinny poop that burns your sphincter.
Doug I loved your habanero salsa last night but it gave me the worst fire snakes ever this morning!
by sheepski January 08, 2011
Top Definition
When your shit is loose, violent & it burns your asshole
Several hours after a huge, spicy meal at Azteca, John was atop the porcelain throne, moaning in agony, shitting fire snakes.
by Alex P. March 25, 2003
When u pis after u jizz and it's one of those times ur dick stings a lil bit
"Ah I got a fire snake that piss didn't feel good"
by Nephson June 13, 2016
also known as a McKenzie.
Maaann, them burritos was hot, not lookin' forward to the McKenzie in the mornin'.
by callin' robster a twat October 08, 2004
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