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A person with the ability to spit rhymes so hot that they should be deemed "fire flame spitter"
Lil' Wayne
Busta Rhymes

Lil' Tunechi can melt yo' face off. He's a fire flame spitter.
by Laz22 February 17, 2011
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An individual who has an enormous bank roll and can afford to light stogies and cigarettes with money (usually a $100 bills). The person in reference usually has a ridiculous lifestyle... mansion(s), whip(s), island(s), private security, etc...
Person 1 (rolls up in an custom Bugatti and hands a $100 bill to the valet): "Keep it in the shade"
Person 1 then pulls out a stogie and lights it with another $100 bill.
Valet 1 to Valet 2: "Damn, dude's a fire flame spitter"

• Rick Ross
Lil' Wayne
50 Cent
• Birdman
by randomguywhoknows January 08, 2011
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