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to be kicked out of or not aloud into a party/event.
"dont be a finney.......let me in"
"man i just got finney'd "
by jeffro w September 29, 2005
55 79
A improbably large quantity of alcohol.
"Dude, that chick just drank like 3 finneys of jack"
by mountaingeek September 30, 2009
50 30
- a self-centered, ignorant girl who blames her problems on others. She is constantly seeking attention, claims outrageous situations that never happened did happen, and threatens to kill herself when she is really distracting from the people who actually need help. She's basically a bitch who advertises her false misery and annoying love for her boyfriend every five minutes on facebook, and needs to gtfo pronto.
Did she really threaten to commit suicide to show her boyfriend what a jerk he is? Yeah. What a Finney.
by spartadom December 13, 2010
5 57