bangin a chick with ur hand
i was finger boxin that bitch like a golden glove finger boxer
by poon pusher January 05, 2010
Top Definition
Originally, an art installation by AY-O, a Japanese artist.
However, since that time, competitive fingerboxing has become quite popular. Professional fingerboxers can use up to 8-hole fingerboxes. Obviously, anything greater than 8-holes is purely for entertainment purposes and trickery (Like the Harlem Globetrotters.)

Proponents of fingerboxing assert that it improves confidence and dexterity.
Just got myself a new six-hole suede-lined fingerbox. Anyone want to buy my old four-hole?
by slywinkle November 30, 2010
Fingerbox is a respected fingerboard company.
"I just got a part in the next Fingerbox video!"

"I just went to and looked at it nice!"
by Justin Tylor Ramsey March 04, 2009

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