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A condition found among internet users which causes them to type with excessive presses of the enter key, breaking up their communique into numerous, seemingly wheezed mini-messages.
18:14 Uncle: Final fix
18:14 Uncle: Get this
18:14 Uncle: Gun addons
18:14 Uncle: More ammo
18:14 Uncle: Lower dmg
18:14 Uncle: High dmg
18:14 Uncle: Lower ammo
18:14 Uncle: But
18:14 Uncle: Make it
18:14 Uncle: like this
18:15 Uncle: You can have
18:15 Uncle: dmg and reload speed.
18:15 Uncle: Or faster fire rate
18:15 Uncle: And more ammo
18:15 Crytical: That finger asthma of yours is really making it hard for me to grasp what you're even talking about.
by Crytical September 05, 2010
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