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a group of people looking for unique solutions to problems...especially the problems of the human condition such as man's inhumanity to man...and war...who believe there are solutions, ends to such problems or at least huge improvements thereof...whose main goal is PEACE...who love to laugh & enjoy life because if there is a God who created all of this he would have wanted us to enjoy it...who know that this life is not a dress only get one...who strive for joy and the end of all oppressions...who have kept the faith but not used the faith to separate but instead to unite...who have many mottos all which are positive...who believe we can evolve as a species...who love children...who believe that the children are the future...and that a child means that the world must go on and we cannot give up on our finder-out-abouts

Finder-Out-About-Its do not like unethical, irresponsible behaviors that hurt others, the future of planet, our species and nature...and are impatient with such behaviors. They will call you out about such behaviors. Finder-Out-About-Its also believe in redemption and call you out in hopes of improved behavior. Finder-Out-About-Its work in mysterious ways

Finder-out-abouts love to speak in British accents and have each perfected their own silly walks...and love to laugh at Monty Python humor

Finder-Out-About-Its believe that the definition of Insanity is: to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result...
Juls Taylor is the founder of the Finder-Out-About-Its and welcomes you to become a finder-out-about-it
by Juls Taylor June 23, 2010
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