here we go again...Final Fantasy 7 is the RPG that brought the scene to millions of dumbass american wankers who wouldnt have known plot if it had have jumped up and bit them in the ass, for this it can be praised, the plot is one of the best (shut up i havent finished) in the series and ranks up there with 6 and 7, you will read the testamonies of anyone who played any of the privious games and descover that they think (justifiably) that those games were better and that FF7 should be hung in a medievil courtyard. the simple truth is that these people hate the idea of graphics ever daring to tread outside the 2d sprite catagory and fear change *IF YOU GO INTO A GAME DETERMAINED TO NOT LIKE IT< YOUR NOT GOING TO FUCKING LIKE IT*...this is my opinion deal with it.
Final Fantasy order:
by Blazing Phoenix November 21, 2004
Top Definition
The first game in the Final Fantasy series to leaved the Nintendo console and the creation of "cut-scenes" (scenes where heavy computer graphics help embellish the story-line). This book is also inside of the Guiness Book of World records for its incredible sales.

Many people call this game over-rated. It's not over-rated, people are just sick of hearing how good it is or just rebels with a cause to start frivolous arguments. If people come past that they'll acknowledge how the side quests (adventures the party goes on that isn't a requirement of completing the game) really help garnish the story. In order to know the ENTIRE story, the side quests must be completed. Though the side quests are nearly infinite, it's a fantastic way for Final Fantasy gamers to know the entire history behind EACH character. This is rare in RPGs since the minority party members are usually in the background and nothing to help embellish their character.

Final Fantasy VII is arguibly the best game in it's class. Paying attention to the story-line and not negative comments on this will tell you this.
Square-Enix's Final Fantasy III/VI, II
by Billy March 20, 2005
A subject of controversy between "old-school" and more recent FF fans. Those who started with FF7 almost invariably say that it is the best one in the series, while those who have played the earlier games mostly think that while FMV scenes and improved graphics are nice, they don't make the game. This latter group tends to consider FF7 to be, while good, highly overrated.
Final Fantasy 7 was a good game. I personally like FF6 better though.
by Artscrafter August 03, 2004
Game that singlehandedly caused the N64 to lose to the PlayStation and propelled Sony into their current position as the number one game company in sales. While most said that cartridges cost Nintendo the battle it wouldn't have stopped the FF fanboys from buying the hell out of FF7 if it came out on N64 (look how fast Super Mario 64 sold in Japan when it came out despite the $100 price tag it carried) It was a good game, though.
If Final Fantasy 7 came out for the N64 instead of the PS1 then the PS2 and X-Box wouldn't exist today and Sega would still make their own systems. Before Square announced that FF7 was PS exclusive even the Saturn was outselling it in Japan (which was being outsold by the N64 with only three games avalible at the time).
by anonymous July 06, 2004
A very popular video game that is unfortunately overrated by fanboys and fangirls alike. They obsess over the game like it's a gift from heaven or something when they don't realize that it is infact, just a game like Mario or Zelda and nothing to get excited about. They think Sephiroth is god and have delusions that he is in fact real and will come to fuck them in the ass.
Stupid fangirl: Oh Sephiroth I want your big cock in my mouth.
Intelligent individual: Sephiroth has no cock. People who wield long ass swords have no cock.

Stupid fanboy: OmG THy R lYk RemAKiNg FInAl FaNTasY 7!!!!!
Me: Nobody gives a shit.
#final fantasy #sephiroth #otaku #nerd #lol.
by JustAnotherOne April 05, 2008
Final Fantasy 7 is one of the most overrated games of all time. While overrated, Final Fantasy 7 is an extremely solid RPG, however, the fan base has made the game out to be FAR MORE than it actually is.

Also see: Dragonforce

This game follows the Adventures of a couple of kids as they set out to take down a evil corporation as well as a very Emo main villain. This game got so many stupid fanboys to have organisms, that a movie was made by Square called Advent Children. This movie, as you can probably guess, is also extremely overrated, the difference is that the movie isn't even any good.
Set "I played some Final Fantasy 7 last night, and it was a very enjoyable game i must say."

FF junkie "WTF are you talkin' bout dude!?! IT'S DA BEST GAME EVAR!!"

Set "Jesus man! Don't blow your fucking load over it!!"
#ff7 #final fantasy 7 #overrated #good #emo
by Set Abominae March 17, 2007
The first of the "new-school" Final Fantasy games. Graphics took precedence over character development. Instead of having interesting and humorous characters, you had Shakey. I mean Cloud, but Shakey was a better name for him, since all he really did was shake violently for no reason.

A lot of people raised on the PS think this is the best FF Game ever, and refuse to try 4 or 6 because the graphics aren't good enough for them. However, those raised on 1-6 do usually still play later ones.
PS kid: Final Fantasy 7 is the best game ever!!!1 omg materia sephiroth so cool and dark and omg omg!!!

Me: yeah, have you ever heard of kefka?

PS kid: Who? what?

Me: KEFKA! the best villian ever.

PS kid: from what game?

ME: Final Fantasy Six!

PS kid: Ew, i saw my friend play that once. the graphics were so bad.

ME: No, they were probably the best graphics for the SNES at the time... really good for what the system could do.

PS Kid: Nintendo? That's for babies. I play Playstation! I'm a big boy!
#boys #babies #whine #ff7 #ff6 #yes i am biased
by Name-42 April 27, 2007
An over exaggerated game that has too many fanboys. Some say is the best but is not rightfully so. Fanboys start with this game and because it is their first 3D FF game, think its godlike, which is far from the truth. You have a childish hero, a villian with confusing motivation, and a bunch of teenage drama. Fanboys need to get over it.
Fanboy: OMGZOR Final Fantasy 7 is the best!! <<<(Never played another FF game after VI)
#final #fantasy #7 #vi #cloud #sephiroth #fanboy
by Rufus_S August 05, 2006
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