One of the best, possibly THE best RPG of all time. For the SNES.
Final fantasy 6 could beat Final Fantasy 7 anyday!
by SuperSaiyanGirl March 29, 2003
Final Fantasy VI (III in the US) of the best Final Fantasy RPGs ever made. Beautifull crafted with several characters to learn about, though maybe not as much as one would hope to learn, as well as hours of gameplay and secrets. One of the last great Final Fantasy games, before graphics became the forefront, and story was left behind.
Final Fantasy VI was the last great Final Fantasy game.
by CelesChere June 15, 2003
A pretty crappy game that a lot of wannabe game gurus refer to when they want to feel superior to people that like any newer FF games (FF7, 8, 9, X, etc). Look for mentions of this game during a conversation about newer games. Also look for key words such as "overrated" and "all graphics and no story" when comparing FF6 to these newer games.
Guy: Yeah, I liked FF7.

Guy 2: No you didn't. FF6 is superior. Arent I so cool for saying that?
by Archangel_Lost April 28, 2005
A game that get's so freakin' easy after Atma (You get stuff like Ultima,Genji Glove,Offering,Illumina,Atma Weapon,etc,can you make the game easier?!).
But I gotta say it KICKS ASS. And it has the best villain ever,Kefka! Mog pwnz too.
This game proves that easy cheeziness can still be incredibly AWESOME.
"Son of a submariner! They'll pay for this!"-Kefka
by 0niTTRay October 14, 2003
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