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A slang term used to describe semen, cum, ejaculation,
Honey please, when you come home from whoring yourself at least have enough respect to wipe that filthy yogurt that's hanging off your chin before coming into the house. You know how your father just hates it when it falls into his coffee when you go to give him a hug.

What up foo! Didn't you hear, they just opened up that new filthy yogurt stand up on crenshaw. Fo shit sucka!
Yo, I say we head ova there right now boyee! I hear all the honey's be up at that spot, big tits and all sporting fine ass filthy yogurt moustaches!

Let's roll you sucka ass busta.

That's it! I had enough susan! I'm putting my foot down...this is where I draw the line. There's no way in hell I'm letting anyone give me a filthy yogurt, I don't care how good my skin will look! There's a fine line between beautiful skin and dirty whore, and I ain't having it.

Hey holmes, I took care of that punk that was messing with your sister. "Really, what happened?" So this guy was taking all types of shit, so me and a couple of my homeboy's did a drive by and we all gave him a filthy yogurt he'll never forget! Trust me it'll take weeks for him to remove all those stains we left on him.
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