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A man/woman who grates on your nerves by constantly reminding you of things that don't really fit into your priority. It could be an irritating co-worker, a dumb female (definition does not apply if she's attractive) or any and every asshole that is giving you hard time for no reason.
Coworker: "Did you fax the memo before leaving office?"
Me: "You have the email with you - you send the memo. And please stop being such a filthy abortion. I'm supposed to be on vacation. Don't bother me with the fact that you exist."

Dumb, fat female: (talking all about herself even though your face clearly shows lack of interest)
Me: "Shut your fucking face, dumb cow. I have more important things to do than listen to your garbage. And stop being such a filthy abortion."

Asshole: "Hey, I told everyone including your girlfriend that you were kissing that girl from DVD store."
Me: "Thanks asshole. Wait, words fail to describe my revulsion for you, you filthy abortion."
by Guru Gulab Khatri March 12, 2012
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