A "Filthy Lopez" is a Portuguese equivalent of the more common Dirty Sanchez.
A considerable degree smuttier than its Mexican cousin a "Filthy Lopez" additionally involves the use of Peri Peri sauce in the Dirty Sanchez act.
Margaret was horrified when she was given a "Filthy Lopez".
by The Ho Dawg February 25, 2009
Top Definition
Taken from Duece Bigalow European Gigalo. Since it is based off of the Dirty Sanchez when you make a mustache effect. The Filthy Lopez is when you engage in anal sex then make a full goti and sideburns.
I gave Ted's mom a Filthy Lopez Like she never had before.
by Mike Dziedz July 09, 2006
About forty bucks. Same as downtown.

Duece: "What's a Filthy Lopez?"
T,J.: "About forty bucks. Same as downtown."
by hellomynameis August 19, 2006
A "Filthy Lopez" is a "Dirty Sanchez" add the sideburns.
I gave Sara a "filthy lopez" last night and she totally looked like Elvis.
by Gittinbizy February 10, 2012
Used in the movie Deuce Bigelow 2 as a euphamism for a sexual act. The act is never defined, but I would assume it is a funny modification of the term "Dirty Sanchez."
Dirty = Filthy
Sanchez = Lopez

Filthy Lopez = Dirty Sanchez

Look up Dirty Sanchez for definition
by Chris December 26, 2005
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