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One of the most frustrating relational database applications ever produced for human use.
I guess filemaker doesn't deserve the word "sucks". Almost everything that sucks would reject to putting FileMaker in its category. FileMaker Pro passed this level a long ago and now it should make a new word for this level of irreliability and inconsistence. From now on when I hate something so much I won't say it sucks but I would say it's so close to FileMaker.
by Database Libertarian October 18, 2012
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A relational database application owned and run by Apple. FileMaker Pro has all of the complications of a SQL database, with all of the programming/functionality capabilities of a calculator duct-taped to a potato.
Boss: Hey, I think we're going to make our customer database work via IPad, so I bought the FileMaker Pro business edition. Get to work.
Employee: *commits seppuku*
by cammy cam cam June 24, 2016
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