fil-am is short for Filipino American.
Yes a majority of the fil-am do suffer from an inferiority complex or low self esteem, of course they will deny this as much as they deny they are pinoy. You ask any fil-am they will tell they are spanish or chinese mix before they say pinoy.
Trust me, I am a fil-am from West Covina
by Bong Beng February 24, 2004
Top Definition
Short for Filipino-American, one who is of Filipino ethnicity but was born in the U.S.
by dj gs68 October 10, 2003
a filipino born in america!
who gives a damn if you got pride or not.
I'm Fil-Am and proud Filipino!
by Marla01586 October 01, 2007
Refers to mixed ethnicity couples consisting of a Filipino and an American. Such couples are almost always a male American with a Filipina.
In my town, there are many Fil-Am couples who like to get together for Filipino potluck dinners.
by nelg2 June 11, 2010
Another term for Filipino Amercian. A Group that thinks they are better then non filipino americans and denies being asian to fit American style. Filam usually the females highly dates other races to make themselves more American and having the crazy notion that pure blooded filipinos are ugly due to the crazy phillpine society that light skin is better ex Look at the filipino actors (usually mixed) and also skin whitiners in the PI. Second largest Asian group in the U.S and most interacial(do the research)due to the cheap women just kidding LOL. Filam usually thinks they are Hawaiian even though it is a completely different culture. A group that does nothing for society but be a major factory of producing mixed breeds and starting a new race.
Dude look at that short girl with that white guy now thats a circus. She is proubly a Filam or a cheap date.
by 7777788 December 10, 2007
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