When A Skinny Person And a Fat Person Fuck, They Make A Ball Like Baby That Only Way Of Moving Is To ROLL! Particularily A Boy
Person 1:Hey Did You See There Baby?
Person 2: Yeah It Was A Total Figlet!
Persons 1 And 2: Hahahaha
by Cheese Head1234 June 11, 2011
Top Definition
A text message received on your phone from someone you don't know, that is directed at a friend of yours who does not own a cell phone.
Hey dude, I gots a figlet here on my phone for you
by RubberDucky1234567890 February 17, 2011
A name that a young child might give to a penis. Derived from the term 'tigler'.
Child: 'hey dad, is that your figlet?'
by DogTits August 20, 2013
a really discusting person who thinks there cool
the fig-let will never get the pink-cookie
by martay February 18, 2003

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