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People want to fight all day everyday.
Why are you trying to fight me?
I don't want to fight you. I don't care to fight you.
It serves no purpose in my life. What's it to you?

I don't have a problem with you, just the ones that you start. So just stop. I'm not your fighting partner, go fight someone else and take your anger out on them, not me!
by pseudonym spite April 19, 2013
14 6
Last time I checked, a fight was something that two gentlemen (I use this term lightly) start throwing their fists into their fellow man.
Ask Tyler Durden.

by Not Zane September 18, 2004
683 230
What do you think? When two or more people attempt to cause each other physical harm, be it in a friendly bout or in a life and death situation.
Yo, you wanna fight?

I fought that kid saturday, kicked his ass.

You dont want to fight me, I know kung fu.
by Chao October 18, 2004
330 131
Generally the violent result of too much testosterone and/or alcohol
Person 1: I was so drunk last night, I got into a fight.

Person 2: Really?

Person 1: Yeah, that's why I'm on crutches.
by Sexmaster 2000 October 19, 2013
5 3
When you watch Layla Ali in a boxing ring.
Man this fight will be the best ass whoopin yet!
63 145
Something gay guys do in each others pants.
Those guys fight all night long.
by Nealll May 06, 2009
75 185
Short for "Fuckin Tight"
That concert last night was fight yo
by Meeee April 24, 2003
98 410