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Originally a nickname for a Polish BF2 player, this nickname has become a noun, a verb and an adverb to describe things that usually is meant in a negative or stupid way. Since Fi5KuS is a little bit hard to write, the easier version "fiskus" is allowed.

The origin of this word is not easy to explain, but within the BF2 community this word is well known already - Fi5KuS was one of the worst competitive BF2 players out there, proving his non-abilities by going prone in every duel and 1on1, which meant he was not just easy to hit, but that also meant that he expected his opponent to do the same thing, so if the opponent didn't do that, Fi5KuS would only get legshots and lose the 1on1, which happened just about EVERYTIME. Therefore, this nickname has gotten its own meaning and is being used by professional gamers around the globe to describe something funny (yes, someone lying in prone and spraying is quite funny), redicilous, stupid or negative. Fi5Kus/fiskus is a very flexible word and can be used in many ways.
Ex. 1
Man 1: Your microphone seems to be broken, what has happened?
Man 2: I don't know, it went fiskus a few days ago.

Ex. 2
Man 1: Your son is quite bad at playing football.
Man 2: I know, he is as skilled as Fi5KuS.

Ex. 3
Man 1: Look at that drug addict, he wears awful clothes!
Man 2: Yeah, he looks like fiskus.

Ex. 4
Man 1: I did a fiskus today when I tried to park the car.
Man 2: Haha, was the other car badly damaged?
by rglaf November 12, 2007
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