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Fetus Fuckers United (FFU) is a recent organization, which consists of fucking and eating fetuses on a daily bases. There are many different levels of hierarchy, but the goal is the same to all members of the FFU; To eat and fuck as many fetuses as a lifetime can offer.

The Society is made up of many weomen and less men, so the fetus supply is plentiful. Iniatition includes; Make an art peice out of the fetuses' torn and twisted and deformed body parts. Also you must sacrifice your first unborn.
Guy A: "Hey has anyone seen Jim?"

Girl A: "I think he went on vacation."

Guy B: "Yeah, he said sumthin' about a new organization that he was going to try to help."

Girl B: "What Organization?"

Guy B: "I think it's the the FFU."

Guy A: "What the fuck is FFU? Is it some sort of final fantasy club?"

Guy B: "No silly, it's Fetus Fuckers United (FFU)"

Guy B: "Actually, to come clean, i've been a member for six years."

Girl A: "Your fucking nuts, in fact, your all fucking nuts, im leaving."

Girl B: "Why are you still reading this, you have no life. JOIN TODAY!!!!!!!!"
by STD_MAN1919 June 16, 2009
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