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Really not much better than Grand Rapids Community College and thats not saying mcuh. Its the worst college ever in a shithole town where the most popular place has poverty night just to get people in there.

I cant wait to get out of this shithole town where FSU is.
I cant wait to get out of this shithole town where Ferris State University is.
by FSU09 April 17, 2009

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College in the middle of NOWHERE (Big Rapids, MI). Mostly filled with students who enjoy drinking, pick up trucks, and country music. Many parties. A place where there are far more males than females. Nice place!
ya'll wanna party and drink beer at ferris state university?
by ya'll know September 27, 2005
The shit college. Only hotties like Sara and Eric can go there. FUck yah Ferris
I got fucked by a hot bitch at Ferris State University last weekend.
by Holla April 08, 2005