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Blog run by Lukie Kilmer and Alice White.
Interesting comedic blog with changing themes/backgrounds. Frequently updated by the two bloggers, Lukie and Alice. Their personalities are easily defined through their updates, which usually involve a conversation or story of something that had happened that day.
Ferret on a Lampshade Productions is also commonly and warmly known by fans as FOALSP or FerretLS.

The blog runs on Wordpress, which means that it has various widgets and plug-ins that are easy to use. These involve shoutboxes, registration, theme switching and changing quotes from the masters themselves underneath the title.
Ferret on a Lampshade Productions was said to be created in the summer of 2008 after Lukie and Alice took a trip to a wave pool with Lukie's family. It has progressed since then to it's current state.
Ferret on a Lampshade Productions has some interesting pages, such as...
Polls: Polls made by Lukie and Alice
Psych: Hilarious chat conversation carried out by the two pretending to be in the Liverpool Psych Ward.
Contest: Contests such as theme submissions
Wings: Writing piece written by Lukie. Very interesting and unique. Lukie is very talented in this area.
About: Alice and Lukie bios.
Though Lukie is gifted in the area of literature, Alice has the same level of intelligence with technology, because she has helped the site progress by coding most of it and working on the non-post updates and generally keeping the site up and running. And Alice isn't that bad in lit, either. She seems to be more of an optimist.
Lukie can easily amuse the audience with her semi-explicit rants and stories, making them seem more interesting and draw you in with her talent with words. She is also good with computers, because she knows HTML and parts of other codes. Lukie is the pessimist.
These girls are very creative, talented and unique.
Over all, Ferret on a Lampshade Productions is an interesting website to visit if you're looking for their style of comedy and pessimism VS optimism attitudes.
Have you seen the new Green Day themes on Ferret on a Lampshade Productions (
by udunneed2no July 27, 2009

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