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Wishes they were emo, but they don't have the true personality of someone who wants to commit suicide or cause themselves pain, so instead they pretend to be emo. This is called posing.

Mild emo posers will wear black things, do things to their hair to make it either blindingly blonde (which is a pretty good sign of emo poser)and apply lots of dark makeup. Their display pictures tend to be either too colorful or black and white, with them with hair and makeup fixed, including hair, making a cute face. Lots of people who aren't emo posers do that too, so don't misread that sign. They occasionally have signs of moderate and heavy emos.

Moderate emo posers have the above symptoms, and will do one of the following:
-draw the fakest looking cuts on their arms
-tells people on the internet they want to commit suicide
-may carry a knife
-listens to screamo or emo music
-watches horror movies excessively

Heavy emo posers may actually cut themselves, but they do not to enjoy it. They most likely do all of the symptoms of the moderate and mild emo posers. They like to tell people they are emo, cut their clothes up, and maybe even give themselves a new nickname or reputation.

Heavy emo posers are easily defined by the girls you can find when you look up emo girl on Google Images. They wear thick eyeliner and sometimes dampen up their mascara to make it look like it ran a little. They really play the part, but they are definitely not an emo. In fact, many of them don't actually cause themselves pain at all, but instead will make it appear like they do.

Overall, an emo poser is a retard who wishes they could be suicidal. They may dress in bright, cheerful colors, which completely throws off the whole 'emo' thing. Don't be an emo poser- or an Emo.

See Male Emo Poser.
Mary: Hey, look at McKenzie. She is such an emo.
Jane: Are you kidding? She's such a female emo poser.
McKenzie: Hey guys.
Jane: What's up?
McKenzie: Nothing. Just cutting myself. Hating myself. Wearing black.
Mary: Oh.
Jane: Shut up, McKenzie. We all know you are faking. You are such an emo poser!
McKenzie: No, I really hate myself i cut myself and I wear black i'm emo!
by Emo Posers Suck August 11, 2009
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