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Fella Fake (*fell-uh-fay-k):

One who wants to be a gangster but really isnt. Tries their hardest to perp, sag and pretend their bad. He / She wears all white tee's , saggy pants (meaning their available in the jail), jordan retro's (number vii's) and a bubble jacket they got from value city or tjmaxx.
duder 1: He bro, whats really hood?

duder 2: not a whole lot mang jus kikn it at dah crib like whoa yo.

duder 1: man look at them guys, their real crips / bloods wearing red and blue stading over there giving everyone mean faces like their hard?

duder 2: their just a bunch of fella fakes.
by itsdru December 28, 2011
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